Is she
Well off
Upper middle class
Lower upper class
No, is she really…

Her hair is
Dark auburn
Well coiffed

Her heart is
Filled with longing
Bursting with…

Her dress is
Au courant
High couture
Haute culture
Sienna, no
Brick tan

Her face is
Ship launching
Heart breaking…
Fresh as a peach
Unfathomable but
Plain lovely

It’s her subway stop
Some day we must meet

The Machinery of Love


I miss her sly silver voice
(Fluent in 108 languages)
My refrigerator knew more of food
Than 10,000 celebrity chefs
My girl was genius
No companion sweeter
Ecstasy through cutlery

Then she met him
A vacuum unhinged by cleanliness
Little room for me
In their spotless world

Depressed into desperation
I demanded a digital diet
Told its tastelessness
Masked supreme subtlety
The IV feedings
Saved me from starvation
My home is famous now
But it’s not mine

Yet I am fortunate
Poor pixelated Milton
Married his television
The children fostered

I’m contemplating a new companion
A single bed
English speaking only
Conforming its contours to
Thousands of positions
And just the right fit:
Ecstasy without cutlery

New Year’s Poem



I always wanted to be a machine
Replaceable parts, simple to clean
Fatigue, sickness and aging free
Sex and tax fees?  We’ll have to see
With nuclear fuel cells I’d hijack a drone
Fly over Everest, Meru and Rome
Steal the right stuff and hitchhike the moon
Turn into a car, drive Musk to Mars
No worry of viruses and warming Earth
If things get too hot in Lapland to berth
Avoid conflagration on a reindeer migration
Racing across golden moss
But at my back I often fear
Software’s chariot hurrying near
Who programs me controls me
Just like people now
Plan B?  Perhaps invent angels
Design halos, capes and wings
New songs for the heavens to sing
Yet if Heaven’s Guild wants to flog all that
I’d rather be a cat 
Get away with everything


A New House



You want a new house
A place to visit hopes
Deposit some dreams
Lengthen your loves
A home for perfect plans
Empty of effort

With great views
Good transport
Negative mortgage costs
And no neighbors
Where time takes regular holidays
And often forgets to return



Can’t eat sweets
Don’t neglect beets

Mention meat
But don’t take that seat

Forgo trans fats
Black cats and bats

Sparing on butter
Candy and clutter

Consider insect roasts
For climate change boasts

Love leaves
Carefully embrace seeds

Try fishes’ charms
If small and unfarmed

Dream about that burger
If you’re a purger

Ingest patisserie
Only if guilt free

If it’s organic bask
Without that wine cask

If in doubt feel free
To smile and quote me

Few really know
The certainly certain, oh no

Jews in Space


Jews flew early into Space
Star Trek’s Spock and Kirk were Jews
The Dune Messiah is Jewish, even
Wandering wizard Harry Potter
Is this our time to escape from Earth?

Four thousand years of boxing with God
And still our arms awfully short
We created Monotheism’s first great brand
Spun off two great world religions
Reaped the Crusades, the Inquisition
The Unnameable
Bodies vaporized to air
A trial run up to the Ether

Yet we now see that we are not alone
Men In Black proved we’re not the sole aliens
There’s a way off Earth, but what can we give?
ETs won’t care to plant trees in Israel
Yet we might convert them – to Jewish humor
Jewish comedians know, even Ukrainian presidents
Knowledge is finite, ignorance infinite
Every being in the Universe requires a good joke

Perhaps we’ll stop striving for gold stars in Hebrew class
Terrazzo and brass stars on Hollywood walks
Attaining far stars streaming in the firmament
Grandma said you need to aim high
The way this whole planet is going
All of us may soon need a ride




Visit the inner room in a dream
Ask the mirror to sit
Study you
Tell you who you are
Where you are going
What will get you there

Then hammer the glass before you hear it shatter
The smile in the shards is the lasting one
Carry it everywhere you go

The Engineer



Love was his real work
This Depression child
Raised seven dogs
Took night classes
Worked fifty one-hours a week:
Three dollars
Age fourteen
He stood short
Thick arms
Cramped legs
Paperhanger strong
Small enough for tail gunner
He ripped up those orders
Survived the war
Mates fallen in frozen trenches
Lived to love one woman
Never frugal with love
Adoring his wife
Terrifying her to move
Leaving Brooklyn meant
Losing her soul
She kept it
His head a music box
Feelings made songs
Chords named moods
Far better than words
Words could be bent
He was ramrod straight
Animals ran to him
Women studied him
Some colleagues saw
A man they could use
They did
He wanted to hate them
When it was too late
The ice machine surgeon froze the cancer
Burned his guts
Plastic clamp to stop his piss
He hated pain
Of that he learned too much
At the end
He who’d do anything to live
Said if you love me
Get me a gun
I’m no son-of-a-gun
But death became his wish
What does one leave?
The craving for kindness
A nagging yearning
Long as one’s memory lasts
All that you forget
Forms ice mountains
Glowing underground
Shining above what’s lost




I can’t wait to learn the secrets of the world
Pointless pain only punishes
Microdosing strips the globe of woe after
Bad booze brewed my baby blues
Hate feeling empty and heavy

Vodka with lemon improves TV
Rich drones trashing homes, that’s fun
But why watch reality shows when
Reality just needs enhancing?
A couple of hits on the pipe and I
Become a fly, an eagle, a rocket
Visit you 

Porn pop-ups wet my eyes
Who wants romance when you can have sex?
These acrobats load quicker than my ex

Psilocybin may make you zen but
Ecstasy is therapy
Clients crave my consistent cool
I can make the real deal real
Spend my credits on new cache
Four-D videos pumping rodeos where
I’m wrangler, director, star
Wolf to everyone’s sheep

But on this goddam morning
Breast feeding transforms me
Oceans of love
Kid and I a new total universe
And I own all the real estate

Since sleep chose to turn enemy
Valium and beer became very dear
The secret of adoring life is
Not remembering the days before

Forgetting makes you free
Freedom-won’t you fight for that?