Might Have


It didn’t happen to you
It did happen to him
It might happen to us

You escaped because you left the house
Stayed home
Refused to go to work
Went to work, but kept apart
Propped open the window
Slammed the door
Didn’t take the subway

Your lover went for groceries
The pharmacist laughed too loud
Sent a cold so hot
He felt his skull might melt

Now when you walk
You startle hearing coughs
As others turn right
You rush left
Jump onto roadbeds
Stare at idling dogs
Look to the sky and curse

Contagions spark battles
Fought mutation by mutation
An ancient arms race that never abates
World wars between species infecting
Longer wars within them
Contaminating everything

Your friend got sniffles
Your sister the flu
Your brother a coffin
Who wins? You did
You’ve just enough fury to
Pick up this pen

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