TV Friends of Capital Punishment


The best shows star the worst peopleĀ 
What better end to a sad life
Then to end with great drama on live TV?
Not virtuous reality but riotous reality

Will the serial killer simper?
The bereaved widower sneer or collapse?
Can the wife book the program’s proceeds, or
Will a firing squad fire the director?
If the confession comes, must a pardon follow?

See – the crime re-enacted
Spy – on the vengeful jury
Suss out – the technicians’ anguish as the needle bared
Watch – the eyes roll up and the ears smoke
Spot – families vanquished and triumphant
Glimpse – judges hugging prosecutors
Grasp – the last seconds of one who lived too long

Then take in the feast of syringes and silence
The grim science of mortal vengeance

All brought to you by your friends at the Lottery
Who know what a crapshoot life can be
Thanks again to you, brave punters
Our happy, haunted, lucky viewers
Ignorance works for free
And so do we

Promotions by Cryogen Cellular
We’ll bring you back to life

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