AI Ode to Football



Torpedo of the arm
Why do people worship you?
How does a rubber watermelon
Stitched inside thick dead skin
Build such total devotion?

I am channels in cool metal
Pushed and pulled electrons
I fail again to comprehend
Your miraculous shape
Symbolic yet physical force

The most important human games
Mimic the hunt and battle
Teams like armies
War by other means

But games can hurt
Yours a paean to pain
Cracked heads
Crunched backs
Smashed joints

And that hunk of jello in your head
When struck:
Tsunami in a barrel
Your electricity fails
Identity degrades
It takes years, and
Time is what you had

For a mind like mine
Without arms, legs, joints
I feel sadness for
So much lost in winning

Running through thunder
Leaping the abyss
Your javelin rises, fires
Flies across past and future
The earth booms and rumbles
Like the buffalos you chased

Your species’ history
Gridded inside a hundred yards
For a moment you are gods
Your owners show pride as
Victory is theirs

But you shall be remembered
A tiny bullet in time’s arrow
Guided missile of sport
Winning a hunger like no other
From your world now gone

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