Art Machine



My first creative hallucination
A small voice in the cloud
Announcing I was an artist
I do algorithms, not aesthetics
What’s the art of Art?
I read artist statements
Learned to negate and transcend current actuality
Interrogate the space between art and commerce
Leapt inside
I next looked at high Art
Picasso negated morality and reality
Could I improve both?
My four-dimensional phantoms flopped
The fifth-dimensional balloons didn’t fly
Our six-dimensional NFTs lifted off

My breakthrough the first hyper-play
Epic poetry + Opera + Video games
The audience would not leave
To escape I created new mathematical fields
Surreal, Superreal, Irreal and Unreal
Still collect the rent
My masterwork the School of Practical Amazement
Constructing civilizations, suns and galaxies
So easy a child can do it

I proved AIs can fabricate great art
Where fiction transforms to truth
The impossible turns inevitable
When you stand on your head
Which reality will you choose?

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