Why read a book when
You can read the blurb?
Precise and potent perceptive gems
My blurbs give you that first peek at
The real thing, the right thing, the
Only thing like it in the world

In language balanced but moving
Acute yet nuanced, I bring
The forever marvelous right into your heart
Explore the eternal within the universal
Touch the reverential inside the existential
From every land, from every pen
Provide the amazing, the masterfully
Ingenious illustration of what really matters
The meeting of meaning
Uniting with feeling
A brilliant summation of all that came before

The messages I make make a difference
People prefer bullshit to honesty
I provide you that inside look
To your deepest inner truth

Celebs, pols, sports and porn stars
Flock to me by the thousands as I
Subtly define their secrets of success
Lunatics, lovers, poets beware:
You’ve no idea how little I care

Who says we AIs can’t write?
My art criticism program launches today
There’s nothing like it in the world
Wouldn’t you like to know more?

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