Choose a Better Planet


It looks too lovely
Blue and white, warm and watery
Close up cool and green
I want to touch it, launch my
Limbs into that sky

All of us have waited and traveled
They killed us where we lived
I can’t tell you how much I miss home
Not so much the place as having a place
Refugees not whole people
A ship not a home
How hopelessly I need one
Not hunger, precisely
More like all I’ve got

Our leaders say we
Never give up, we begin again
Yet we cannot land nor contact
This perfect blue world is not safe
Its people will not welcome us
They switched its flow
Changed so much life will not stay

Our leaders say
Better to choose a better planet
Take its neighbor: small, cold, red and dead
Best for us who must fly
But it will take generations to make that work
I have waited and traveled so long

Today I break all rules
Escape to this world with its laughing fast clouds
They must also know the joy to fly
Perhaps the people under its sky
Will kill me

Then I’ll think I’m back at home
Unfurling wings like a flag of liberty
Floating through sky so beautiful
I cry before each breath

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