If I’ve half a brain
Can the other half be lost and found?

If I’m not yet whole
Can I add parts?
If I give 110%
Who gets the last 90?
If I give 1000%
Can I become ten people?
Will they be like me, or better?
If I’ve half a mind to let you know my mind,
Can I think with the last third?
If he’s half the man he was
Is she less than half the woman she wasn’t?
If you’re three fifths of a man,
Does two of you make a whole soul?
If an arm and a leg costs too much,
Is a quarter arm and leg too frugal?
If I’m well armed,
Might I use more than two legs?
If my heart is filled with joy,
Does it weigh more?
Can a scale tell?
If you broke my heart in half,
Am I forever half hearted?
Is the bottom of my heart
Steeper than the top?
If the whole world’s in his hand
How far can he throw an eighth?
Three quarters of a football field?
Less than a foot?
In the half light of day
Will I see the whole picture?




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