Humanitarian Mission


The guilty cannot recognize innocence
Hypocrisy your favored policy
You talk of freedom yet
Violate life with bliss
Your sanctity of the body
Goes no further than your own
For choice of birth, not even there

Violence your preferred means of production
Species destroyed for no reason but
Padding your pocket or some corporate whim
Seas you stuff with plastic and poison
Murdering your own food
Is declaring the wild sinful your reason
To kill half the animals
Heat sky to burn the land
Multiply weapons that may end all life?

Even within your own kind
The color of skin, the lift of a brow
Enough to send your friends to the camps
Rape treated as standard business
For business is your highest purpose

Docile, greedy, uncivilized
We stare into your eyes and see
No pity, kindness, compassion
For the countless marvels of life

You are not stewards but savages
Domination is not dominion
You were never supreme
Mere ashes of your fires
Few gods as cruel as yours

We occupy your planet with greatest reluctance
Immensely costly to travel so far
Yet life is holy and must survive
Resistance will be countered cruelly
Brutality is something you do understand

We come to save your earth, its species
Beasts of air and sky
Mountains, oceans, forests
Treat us with peace and you will know peace
All the benefits of civilization and law

The Empire of Azar has spoken
Only submission will not meet death
Do what is needed to live
Join us now

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