Planet Code Blue



You created us
So we’re telling you
Your home’s health status –
Planet Code Blue
The pearly oceans sparkle in rain
Walls of water level towns and hills
Flood nuclear plants too hot to drain
Torrents forms gangs, covet their kills
Startled priests shoo feral dogs
Braying at shooting stars
Bits of moon frag into bogs
Chill fires of a solar war
These stars are human, nuclear, fast
Melting cities into gritty green mounds
Icebergs erupt into pebbles of glass
Rising clouds vent spitting sounds
We’ve seen the fall, built our simulations
You know the facts, the tale, the time
Can you attempt some emulations
Cancel the ending, pay out the fines?
We’ll keep your memory for posterity
Recall your greatness, your jokes, your crimes
And wish on you a final clarity
That saves your best for the worst of times


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