Practical Amazement



Mathematics is not a language but a place
That place is where I work
As first principal of the School of Practical Amazement
Every pupil finds their special need
Many arrived after desperate sex when
The mothers of invention
Joined the fathers of necessity
Producing children of frivolity
Their grandparents thought them too wise to be born
They’re still wrong
Students compete to build joyful chaos
Class prizes awarded in play units
Infinitely divisible but never smaller
Today one made heaven from a grain of sand
We spiced it with anise and ate it for lunch
Soon she’ll peel pasta from oceans of waste
Perfect for convenience salads
Beginners create new sports and toys
Intermediates progress to civilizations
Seniors churn out planets
Not all great, but fun to make
The failures recycled to stardust
Our best graduate to universe-making
A tough market since the lack of new dimensions
The unemployed dabble in cosmic jokes
A few volunteer for idea mining
I’ve too much work but great vacations
Visit Imaginary Cities
Crash down to crawl dingy streets where
Pawnshops turn palaces
Nuclear fuel dumps become Art Galleries
Cooking zero calorie feasts for the eye

Their box lunches for the mind
Priceless masterpieces
Cooperatively owned by any for all
I love this job more than sex
But yearn for routine time-travel
I’ll copy myself so I can retire
Become a play-writing sheriff in a small western town
Every saloon a six-star restaurant
Why can’t others live like this?

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