I can’t wait to learn the secrets of the world
Pointless pain only punishes
Microdosing strips the globe of woe after
Bad booze brewed my baby blues
Hate feeling empty and heavy

Vodka with lemon improves TV
Rich drones trashing homes, that’s fun
But why watch reality shows when
Reality just needs enhancing?
A couple of hits on the pipe and I
Become a fly, an eagle, a rocket
Visit you 

Porn pop-ups wet my eyes
Who wants romance when you can have sex?
These acrobats load quicker than my ex

Psilocybin may make you zen but
Ecstasy is therapy
Clients crave my consistent cool
I can make the real deal real
Spend my credits on new cache
Four-D videos pumping rodeos where
I’m wrangler, director, star
Wolf to everyone’s sheep

But on this goddam morning
Breast feeding transforms me
Oceans of love
Kid and I a new total universe
And I own all the real estate

Since sleep chose to turn enemy
Valium and beer became very dear
The secret of adoring life is
Not remembering the days before

Forgetting makes you free
Freedom-won’t you fight for that?

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