Without Amazement



If my father never met my mother
Would I have loved my brother?
If good things happen to bad people
What happens if the good act badly?
What will the papers write tomorrow
When no ink’s left for the press?
As people keep talking to the dead
What are their partners thinking?
If there were only questions
Who would find the right answers?
When the next war is no war
What was the last war like?
If dawn is stopped by an eclipse
Who gets to keep the shadows?
Were I to remember everything
What would I first fail to forget?
When Earth is the only intelligent planet
Who will listen to our TV transmissions?
If souls can retire
Who controls their pension plans?
What happens when you’re sure of nothing
Then everything happens?
If crowds create creativity
What can single people do at night?
Why when I knew better
I was always younger?
If I fear myself
Who should I pretend to scare?
If charity loves company
Does wealth lead to loneliness?
When you jump from a building
Does time fly up or down?
Where dogs have no masters
Who controls cats?
If Proust went on a game show
What would he write if he won?
When photos become memories
Who recalls what they did not see?
If I don’t resemble my parents
Could my parents resemble each other?
When I fall into the abyss
Can I reach for the sky?
If good pursued evil
Who might date truth?
If a moment goes on too long
Can time stop and start again?
If you already know too much
Will too little suffice?
If I can’t laugh at myself
Who will laugh for me?

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