Interview with the Virus


Virus, are you alive?
No. If you’re not alive, you can’t die.

What is your purpose? Why do you exist?
Your point is there is no point
And you are right

Yet you kill so many?
I kill few of the very many.

What is your measure of success?
Without measure.

Then why do what you do?
Evolution drives Intelligence.
What is not conscious may perform any act

What do you fear?
You will fear me, but I cannot fear.

Why kill so quickly?
The act matters, not the clock.

Why attack so many species?
A million species, billions of safe homes
Infinity to you, immunity to me
Though not alive I need to survive.

Why do you infect night and day?
If I fail a few seconds, I fail
You have not learned that. Yet.

Did you know people think you a vampire?
I do not devour you, you devour each other.

Why do you try to annihilate us?
Science fiction is your fear of science facts
What you can do
You will.

What will replace you?
I’m you talking to yourselves
You thought this could never happen

It had to happen

Like it always does