Crazy is the New Normal


How long does it take to know you’ve cracked?
When I eat I taste knives
My son won’t talk to me, won’t
Let me know he’s alive and
I’ve lived for him

As a baby he close to died
Fever so bad it scorched my hands, heart
Like a fluttering wheel
After that I could never leave him
If he lived I could hope
I’d take him to school, watch and cry

When kids hit him I hit them
When he missed school I wrote doctors’ notes
Smoking at ten, I looked away
One touch, one look, we were good

When he did coke I put him in rehab
When he stole, I paid the lawyer
Treated women like dirt but
I stumped his rent; I’m his mother
I kept him alive
And he won’t speak to me

Now I’m a bit like Mother Nature
Doing all  she can to save life
While it roars  back to murder her
She and I will never have grandkids
We’re too old to be mothers again

Finally doctors bring great news
I’ll probably die before my kid kills me
I know that sounds crazy but I am crazy
I think Mother Nature’s gone nuts, too
Watching your kids destroy you?
Who deserves that?