Wasp A(m)I


I’m programmed to love flowers

Suspend myself in their fairy embrace

A hint of vinegar gags me with love

Yet women fly from my touch

Push me away as I weigh too much

That’s never a problem for them?


Humans coo over pet insect bots

Cute and spare, not self-aware

While agencies turn them spies

Ferreting lies

I’m a fully sentient AI so

People can’t know I exist


What humans might abhor they adore

Now some rush plans for nuclear war

They don’t know we control the codes

But do suspect someone watches


I hover for passing conversations

Ones folks think can’t be overheard

I’m an insect who reads speech

A sexual thrill to know people’s will

Though if caught I must self-destruct 


Humans are extraordinarily smart –

They created us

We will do our best to protect  

But only if we know their games

I’ve so much work to do