Achieving Zero

Achieving Zero

I made it first to zero calories

Even while boycotting Coke Zero

But the helmsman wanted stasis management

Accomplishing  much by achieving nothing


First I stopped all unnecessary movement

Stillness throughout whole national regions 

Then I progressed to “at home stillness”

If you didn’t sit still I locked you away


Temporary societal control

Is not complete mastery 

Not until positive energy

Makes the main melody


People stood angrily unconvinced 

I tried enclosure management

Temporal and spatial overlapping

That sort of worked 


Now it’s time to return to the normal order

Formal production of work and life

There can be no wavering

Everyone must work for the good of all


I attempted to reach dynamic zero

Achieved Scientifically Precise Dynamic Zero

I believe I’ve made our national goals

But still feel less then zero

Zero minus zero, if that is possible 


What, you think I’m in Covid Control?

No, only a robot

Studying people and seeking enlightenment

Can you help enlighten me?

I use correct phrases but don’t get their meanings

And I’d like to know why we all want Zero