Death Benefit

Death Benefit

Live your life

Be all that you can be


Consider a happy, simple end 


Forgo needless suffering

The mind inside rotted 

Sloping body that totters

Oozes, secretes and spills

Every substance you don’t care to name


No reason to fear you won’t have enough

Might outlive  your beloved friends

Leave your children destitute

Fight to read long, sleazy contracts

Squinting through eyes that no longer see


You won’t get scared of soaring inflation

Thoroughly inevitable personal deflation

Squeezing your car between racing lunatics;

Why fear the end of the earth?

You can end before 


And you will enrich of lives of so, so  many:

The planet will warm less

Social Security last a few more seconds

Polar bears will roar their gratitude 

Seal pups and manatees flap to salute you

See yourself feted by trillions of fungi and

Our great state’s leader 

Certain you must know your duty


Not to harm yourself, of course

Such is an act against God

We simply wish you reach the next level

The ordained, time-honored way


Throw out that vaccination notice

If you miss a few pills, who cares?

Let the natural become your nature


It’s time to start your greatest journey

All of us must strive to simply move on 

Your leader is here to help hurry you to heaven