Virtual Hermaphrodite

Virtual Hermaphrodite

We met seconds before we died
Technicians chasing our last emanations
Uploading electrified souls but
Matching the wrong bodies

I woke gripping a skin-bag between my legs
Pressing foul liquid through that blunt bulbous tube
Sniffing ripe armpits I collapsed
Jolted awake scratching fur off my face
Perhaps it’s best to end life again?

The male who won my curvy body
Went mad discovering fat cheeks and breasts
Communicated clearly his single wish
He might only survive if we would fuse

Out of two one; you think union’s fun?
Simpler disasters are harder to master
The virtual techs could not make us right
Wires went awry, muscles turned lumps
Our brains slid into mindless humps

Yet somehow – I don’t know – we formed something new
Sex: feeling a partner who is also yourself
A pleasure beyond measure
We attempted to overwhelm the other
And succeeded; the seizures continue
Sorting the brain damage now

My love does not know me
My love does not hear me
My love does not answer me

Now I think they’ve fixed the program
Styles we thought preposterous
Painful pointy shoes and beer-stacked Sundays
Suddenly make sense
What we separately despised
Together we adore

In that last war between smart viruses and people
Humans lost; yet AIs saved our remnant
Their virtual world sweet beyond saying

Now we can roam as pure living spirits
And need never lose a war again