The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur

It’s like the movie, except
No asteroid
Soon not enough food
Not so little wars

Thirst for cool water
Gets slaked with cold blood
They fight for supplies
Till the plagues arrive

Bugs and pets sense
A lucrative dying species
Radiation favors faster evolution
Competition starts to kill

Civilizations and continents die
And here I lie
T Rex himself
Terror of children
Beloved pal of pols and porn stars
The world wanted my photo
Now my audience is poltergeists

I’m a robot
A simple power source will do
Any nuclear plant blasted or roasted
But I’m furious
This park was my life’s great work

Now I’ll have to begin over again
A new planet of reliable robots
Do you know any?

But first I need to rip some bodies
Trample them and roar

I may be a robot
But I am royally pissed