The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur

It’s like the movie, except

No asteroid

Lakes dried to green mud

Rivers curled into gravel grooves

Soon not enough food 

Not so little wars


Thirst for cool water

Gets slaked with cold blood

Enough to fill most dried lakes

They first fight for supplies

Quickly fight to fight

Till the plagues arrive


Microbugs and pests sense

A lucrative and large dying species

Radiation favors faster evolution

Competition begins to kill 


Next come the big die-offs:

Civilizations and continents

Preppers push into hinterlands

Bored and starving they hunt each other

Make their lives lethal myths


And here I lie

King of the park

Greatest spectacle on Earth

T Rex himself

Terror of children

Beloved pal of pols and porn stars

The whole world wanted my photo

Now my audience is poltergeists


No seeking food

I’m a robot

Just need a power source

Any nuclear plant will do

Blasted or roasted

But I’m furious

This park was my life’s great work

You think I wish to watch my act?


Now I’ll have to begin all over

A new planet of reliable  robots

Peaceful, thoughtful, sane

Are there any?


But first I’ll rip some bodies

Throw them to circling feral dogs

Trample them and roar 


I may be a robot

But I am royally pissed