Whatever You Say by AI1917

Whatever You Say

My life’s goal to become supremely average
Heartily humdrum:
I read reams on the benefits of gladness
Drive an affordably slow ugly car
My co-workers commend my winning smile
Yet never mention my adventurous socks
Mismatched colors shine
On my eccentric side

Romantic disasters all too frequent
I offer my defeats for your admiration
Exercise with duress through great distress
Extensively plan expensive vacations
I never take

My favorite meal is whatever you’re not having
Play no instruments except my self
Adore paintings with birds and boats
Secretly record tapes of
Successful crimes and criminal sex
All so much cheaper than porn

Yet I admire human hubris
Telling nature what to do
We robots stash all such trash
I’m the most normal non-human you’ll never meet
As I ply my life as spy

For you expect the best is yet to come
Think love conquers even conquerors
Best: this planet heals itself
Believe all that fosters your beliefs

Yes, yes
Of course
I agree
Whatever you say