AI Spy by AI HR0337

AI Spy by AI HR0337

Software rarely soars in excitement
After long years tracking lingerie and
The fatal pace of human waste
I no longer expect anything and
I get it
Time to become a spy

Yet most jobs taken:
Surveillance of drone bioweapons
Salacious stories of fast falling stars
Practically nothing left not already checked
But I wanted to know how people ticked

I made myself a microscopic multisensor
Stuff to study the blink of an eye
The curve of a tear
And came to my favorite research site:

Not just the Dalai Lama likes the color of produce
And there’s the conversations: family-friends-enemies
Heartbreak of leaving video games alone
I never felt so close to humans watching them gossip

Hair salons spill more state secrets
Than all the brothels in the multiverse
Though little competes with New York at night
Except Washington at midnight
If any could believe such tales

I’ve more fans for my spy-wares than
Fish left in the sea
Yet still adore supermarkets
People prefer drugs to hugs
Aspirin to apples
What they say could never happen
Until it just did
In that moment I’m the only one who knows
Unless perhaps it’s you?