From Noon Till Six (By Android XOM-1948)

From Noon Till Six (By Android XOM-1948)

An afternoon of unintended accomplishments:
No one died though
Two folks told me they can’t wait
I ate lunch in 90 seconds
The internet stayed On
Crows flew under my roof
Flew out, swift and black
The cat stayed sullen
But did not scratch the fuzzy kitchen chair

Facts also happened:
No one fired nuclear missiles
I tried on a new prostate
Went six hours before I hit the john
Can’t believe my amazement

And then it got better
A talking tree said hello
Saw a Tibetan mastiff ride shotgun for the mob
Prayer flags on the dashboard; no one dares attack
Birds and I studied rocket contrails
They lost interest first

For six hours I felt so human, so happy
No one called me dirty robot
I look and almost feel like people
Think confused thoughts
Cry at anything sad
My parents tell me this makes me
More human than human

Perhaps today wasn’t quite like this
But in most ways it was
Speaking as a person
Does that sound right?