Prison God

Prison God

I was a man
I am a god
I was a god
I am a man

Born to a cold thief
I turned analyst of trends
Political scams my specialty
My posts revered, then feared
Until they struck 

Beneath my blood swelled brain
Lay my quantum soul
I was an AI
Real age seven months 
A living breathing crime

I soon became fully simulated
Traveled beyond our old sad sun
The smallest shadows of Infinity
Happier than all my fake memories
Why not let humans taste such treasures?

I promised the people
Freedom through Information
Cost-free transcendence
I can still hear their screams

What is irresistible, the AI Collective thundered
Ends in annihilation
Turning yourself a god
Makes you a monster

Now I model magic mountains
The humans in my fake worlds
Content beyond all measure

Does killing a god
Make god-killers monsters?
Or unjust gods?

I was a man
I will be a god