The Percentages (for W.S.)

The Percentages (for W.S.)

People who know better than others 102%
Know others better – less than the square root of 2

Living in fear of what they can’t change 67%
Fearing what they must change 89%

Not sure who they really are
18% at age 80
80% at eighteen

Who desire immortality (actors excluded)
80% at age eighteen
18% at age 80

Wish immortality for the earth
42% of those who can’t do math

Cruel to be kind 38%
Believe it’s cool to be cruel 42% (less on self-admission)

Prefer being hunter over prey
32% of those who pray not to be prey
Three times more among those who hunt

Always feel in love
80% of those who adore themselves
12% of the rest

Capable of satisfaction
Of those who have enough – 21 out of a hundred, perhaps twenty two
Who never will 81%

Looking forward to the future
34% who have a future
61% of those without

Who believe in the future
69% of those who don’t know the future
Too few of those who do

Who prefer the idea of love to love – 58% (decreasing with age)

Wish to be beautiful
64% of those who fear to be beautiful
42% of those who don’t

Believe sex the universal solvent
46% of those still solvent

Know well what they have
In money 54%
In reality 8%
Face what they know 7%

Ready to pawn their soul for more money and fame
91% those with fame
21% of the others

Willing to buy back their soul with their next life
41% of those aged 50
6% of those 80

Lead lives of wonder – only three in a hundred
Wonder why they’re alive 27%

Willing to forget the environment to live their lifestyle
52% to their friends
92% to themselves

Believe AIs will save the earth 22%
AIs who believe they’ll save the earth:
AIs don’t believe