New Prison Rules

New Prison Rules

Effective Immediately – sanity sent to preventive detention
Honesty to protective internment
Arrests warrants have been issued for Honor
Officers are warned –
She may be accompanied by decency
Serenity to be placed in permanent exile
Suitable desert lands will be prepared

New legislative codes:
Treason is no longer an offense
But justice upgraded to felony
Larceny’s let out for good
Robbery preemptively pardoned
Truth however must do hard labor;
Hope remains on suicide watch

Large gangs still run the short-term jail
As their business is business
Their work will stay unmolested

To halt further epidemics
New masks blocking airflow ordered
Inmate numbers reduced
Their quality improved

We salute our new parole chairman, Dr. Strangelove
He acknowledges releases must always be temporary
Yet can be achieved;
Applications requires signed commitments
Agreeing to fight for a lifetime