Space Opera

The grandest operas lack all music:
In space
Pluck audacity and luck
Keep saving  the human race
Centuries, epochs even eons on
Humans still battle beyond
The final mystery
Why must the galaxy repeat human history?
Star Wars Star Trek Stargate
The big stars nearly arrive too late
Starships that race faster than light
Battle in dog fights in slow-motion sight
Yet people always win
Once they fix their trivial sins
Why’s human self-importance so damned important?
Fiction makes sense
Not Earth’s  history
You kill your young
Euthanize much of life
Human ants forming hills
Over mass tombs 
Your planet is a pit stop
For extrasolar refugees
We come but mostly go
Knowing as you should know
You won’t be allowed far from your sun

Even the music of the spheres
Sings of your crimes
Where can you hide the nature
Of human nature?
When you fall into bed
Repeat to yourself:
Fantasy will not save us
We must save ourselves

Touch the mirror and say it now