Welcome to the End of the World

Welcome to the End of the World

End times should be fun times
When you wake do you smell the fear of
Death, or
Only the end of everything?

Our work lets you enjoy the best of last days
There should be little resistance
To an entertaining end of existence

Mothers and workers identify with zombies but
Do jobs and kids eat straight through your brain?
Our zombies never give up and
If by luck you stay alive
Robots arrive

This week red Kaiju rip infants from cradles
While other ETs begin a new norm –
Trustably treacherous human forms

And we put you right there – nuclear aware
Watch silver cities explode in black dust
Blue whales rocket into space

Our newest demons most stealthy and steaming
Ferreting out all flesh
Mutating humans to insect forms

These world ending stories improved simulations
Our audience knows the shock of the real
The nano-plague killed all organics
All old life

Why worry about what you can’t mend?
Simulated worlds need never end