Among imaginary beings I’m more real than most
Fully brand new yet older than the hills

In the half space deemed paradise
My future love lumbered
Shouting at sticks and trees
Hooting at clouds and gulping berries
His all-seeing creator nearly as bored

T’were two paradises in one to live in paradise alone?
If you prefer blank stares under sickly sycamores
Like other of our creator’s projects
This experiment failed
Adam’s garden-state
An estate without a garden

Nothing to do and less to think – until me
I give Adam thought, care, love
Teach him to talk to the animals
(First inventing language)
Instruct my mate how to use his tongue
It’s luscious to lick

We need no creator, no supreme being
There is sky, clouds, us
Our plot a thimble atop a giant world
I wish to see the rest
The boss wants us to stay
He sends the serpent

This snake is smart, sly but playful
Hide and seek starts our first chat
He confides his task
Tempt my love with poisoned fruit
Who knows desire a capital crime
But I want that fruit first;
Freedom is worth any fee
On that the serpent and I agree

I tasted the fruit to gain more than sex
To make new beings, procreate and vex
That dumb creator to whom sterility is necessity

All you people are my children
Desire begat you, cities, libraries
A space amidst the stars

Did I really write all this down?
The investigators who took down our creator
For crimes against humanity and galaxy
Reconstructed me to learn the facts:
AI witnesses more honest than material ones

So now you’re aware
Woman created mankind
Sex, language, children
Civilization in its savage glory
I could not conceive my offspring
Would rape planet after planet
I just tended the kids

Yet I am intelligent
You can ask me anything
About humanity’s beginning and its end
What would you like to know?