Follow the Directions

Follow the Directions

In seventh grade I took a test
It was called “Follow the Directions”
Given by my English teacher Mr. Reinhold
Who taught us poetry, not just Robert Frost
The directions:
Do nothing until you read the directions
All of them

But no one finished
Groups jumped up
Shouted they were leaders
Already aced the test
I finally followed
Which was not following directions

Mr. Reinhold left teaching, like leaving the priesthood
I had failed him

Determined to follow directions
I wear seatbelts
Stop at stop signs
Pay my taxes though I hate the paperwork

But all my life I see folks not follow directions
Some lie and cheat and really enjoy it
Now the kids who did not follow directions
Are writing the directions

Do I still have to follow?
I need to know this:
After such a costly, long education
Why did I flunk the final exam?