My Comet

My Comet

As a boy I was starstruck
Until I met my comet
Dirty tail but hair whiter than a sage
Her light exploded in my head
Dropped a filament for me to grab and
Off we went

She doesn’t come all the time
But we are fond and like to wander
Listen to the swaying songs of stars
Chorales of meteors
Planetoids plucking  strings
Off silver planetary rings

I don’t know how eagles feel about comets
Perhaps they think us clouds
I wish my comet might skim the forests
I’d love to catch wolves racing our track

My comet wishes to transit the sun but
I lack the needed documents
You travel much further not being yourself

Now they say I’ve caught a new virus
I might not be able to walk in the sky
Yet I admit that I still wish to try
Flying from where my dreams have fled

Since the words of the dead
May change on the tongues of the living
Might we say goodbye now?
True, we don’t know each other
But I don’t want to miss my comet