No Worries

No Worries

I’d zip to ecstasy from doom
If I could just buy that sweater
Blue on blue, high definition
Multi-lens cameras crossing my chest
I’ll own the low down on the high end

I’d program balloon crashes
Celebrity bashes
Ravishing runway races
My flying feet falling on Gold Street

And I’ll look fabulous at my latest job
Tap-dancing through minefields
Thrilled to death with every meter

But all these people I meet
Nattering naysayers, screamers and weepers
Cackling about coal and climate
Shouting we’re going down and there’s
No way out
I say open the door!
Ask the guard outside for a drink
You’ve earned it!

When I follow the night
Spinning out platters of new stars
I think, that’s my next vacation!
I want to go far real fast
If I can just find the right outfit