Personal Problems of Time Travel

Personal Problems of Time Travel

Screw it up and you’re in the wrong universe

Get it right and you may not exist

The past is stinkier than you thought and
The future won’t care that you’re vaccinated

Since the past is no longer past
When you meet yourselves they may not like you

Sex is far more laborious

Cats know you’re not right

Savage animals appreciate your novel scent

Dental care may not prove available

History is her story, told by him

Sci-fi writers refuse to meet you

Tourist guides turn comic, then dangerous

The best deals need cash locked in museums

Past reservations tough to get in advance

Countries may be conquered ahead of schedule

Sometimes it’s impossible to leave on time

Even when forgetting your aliases
Past relatives can’t wait to visit

Future descendants don’t want to meet

You see
Past or future, people are still people