The Right Color of Eyes

The Right Color of Eyes

Her eyes are blue, she says
My eyes see green edged with emerald
Flickers of anger her tongue conceals
Her eyes
Different hues to different minds

She certainly saw love differently
An investment of joint earnings and coupled careers
Treated formally like furniture and funerals
Death did not scare her
Part of a doctor’s job
Another opportunity to excel and
She did

Dutiful at work and hoarding secrets
Each cultivated with silent pride
If more came from her loving agreement
Just added interest on invested capital

She knew where she wanted to go
You might have your own notions yet
Would slowly watch
Every other path block up
You would see her way was right in the end
Of that she was sure

My hopes did not quite fit the plan
I wanted warmth, feelings acknowledged if
Not entirely understood
Sharing a sadness about life and chance
Not just tastes, career clocks, steady stocks
Yet we looked right, she said
Just right

Despite my folly she performed ably
Married another who fit her aims better
Climbing rungs to an admirable schedule
Doing good work damn well

Yet when you disagree on the color of eyes
They can flash signals
You may never read right