Peering through the earth like glass
We founded an underground school
For those who will rule
Classes for upper classes like no other
Sisters but mainly brothers
Taught they run the world if
You tell people what’s wrong is right and
Make them believe

All that you have
Less than they deserve

Video games teach speed and audacity
Football mobile adaptation
Art the art of smoking mirrors
Love to lie with eyes full open
Music to change tunes in mid-phrase;
Inventiveness is harder to instruct but
Winners earn a death rattle
Of final sexual pleasure

The best of the worst shoved to the surface
Clad in clothes which convey confidence
Smiles that span seas
Failure is never an option
All those selected will win
For males who cannot cheat and loot:
Priesthood and poetry
Women, marriage to the lower ranks

The system is perfect
But perfection has flaws
They do not see us above
Pulling levers and untying knots
We, too, like pets
This not our first planet
Nor our last

Each to his illusions
Just don’t look up