It’s a Joy

It's a Joy

Who knew evil was so much fun?
You set the price
Others pay
My fingers burn squeezing
Every single short hair

I made lying so popular
Everybody does it
And they love it!
If what’s supposed to happen
Doesn’t happen
Blame someone else
Call honest critics enemies
They lose before you begin

I ran a school on how to cheat
Cheated the students
And they loved it!
People drink my dream of money
Guzzle till they’re drunk

Disgust sells better than respect
When I was a kid I made fun of people
People who were smarter, faster
They just slinked away
I was the smart one

When I insult you (a privilege)
Everyone else likes me more
Who cares what’s true?

Now I’m bigger than the pyramids
I’m stunned by the lights, win all my fights
Your catastrophes become my victories
I’ve got the biggest ratings ever
Bigger than the devil

Could you make the introduction?
I’ll give those boys from hell a really good deal
You’ll love it!