Big and Little Days

Big and Little Days

Is today my big moment?
Maybe you can say
Give me answers that aren’t questions

My wedding once my momentous day
A red haired cousin I’d never met
Sniffs the roses and collapses stoned
The moment I met my wife leaping on the train
Got smaller the second she left;
If I’m really a part of all I’ve met
Why does what’s lost matter most?

Fate pretends but writes unequal laws
The great day of my son’s birth
Large head, wee hands
Smaller than the bedlam of his daughter’s
Bright and wet and terrified
Almost as scared as I am now

I look up at this spring sun
One morning when I was thirteen
Halo swirling pink blown clouds
Even the sky can’t stay put

Then memory begins a new game
Big and small fight to change place
What’s forgotten leaps to first rank

My head feels twisted round my neck
I’d like to move forward
But can only look back

As I forget more, now seems immense
Instants turn bigger than decades before
Is what’s important more important
Than what is not?
It might be good to tell me now