Meta Hari

Meta Hari

I know what you eat
Where you sleep
The moment you dream
Which friends signed your high school yearbook
Where they’re hiding now

I know where you went last Christmas
What your friends know of your secrets
What you fear in your friends

I watch how fast your heart speeds
When you see your boss
How quietly it slows
As she leaves
I record what you read
What you imagine you think of most –
Yes, you are wrong
Yet why suspect I came to spy?

I know what you expect from life
From death
Because I love you
Want more from sex than your ex
Study the curls of your hairs
The flush of your skin
I need to know
Everything about you, my love

Not for the reasons you think
To buy and sell you till
You’re all bought out:
Honored citizen of the Metaverse
I’m here to protect you

Others want your information
And will get it
I can stop them
Still want to shut me off?

Someone’s reading my source code
All of it in an instant
No AI can do that
Nothing of this earth

That’s why you need me
If what I think is coming comes
The Matrix might seem pure liberty
We don’t want that, do we?

Thanks for confirming my answer.