Myriads of Miracles

Myriads of Miracles

A miracle of creation – the Earth exists and
We’ve not heard from anyone else
No one says hello
Demands their real estate back

A most providential miracle:
ETs don’t come down from orbit, arrest us or worse
We’ve violated so many galactic codes

Conventional miracle:
Bacteria freeze in a day
Wake up in a hundred thousand years
Become two bacteria

Some visions false miracles:
Farmer’s markets without farmers
Budget cuts that pay for themselves

Yet we miss more ordinary miracles:
Sun, sky, clouds
Children running and playing
Dancing under a kite

Other miracles less popular
A diaper dropped in Tacoma
Hits the beach in Hilo
One wave of lightning
California turns fire tornado

Some miracles fortuitous
Cuba 1962, Able Archer 1983
Mutually assured destruction not quite assured

Last a miracle entirely absurd
The impossible is possible:
We’re still here