Like Dracula, kill me and I’m reborn
Into twice-treasured unliving forms
An accounting trick
A flic of a Bic
I’m a cold piece of imagination
Your numerical infatuation
I’ll make you a deal
Steal your last meal
Become your girlfriend, your father, your god

Call me stash, cash, bread, dope
I’m your next and last hope
I’ve as many names as there are places
Cold metal dredged from deadly spaces
Melted and minted into graces and faces
Or pixels if you like, soon vanishing from your screen
I prefer cowries, their iridescent sheen

Why so loved?
Because I’m power, destiny, fate
All you love and much you hate
I fill your heart with devilish fire
Fuel your guts with green-stained ire
Every road can lead to me
Even streets built on the sea
I can break you in a second
Piss and turn dry valleys fecund
I’ll pull the stone lid down on your eyes
Make you scream to see the skies

What will you do for me?
Shoot me down an electric wire
I start wars, lease souls for hire
Strange that you do love me so
Yet true love’s first move to let me go

You live for me, not I for you
For all organs I mark what rent’s due
You’re only of worth if I choose you

Beauty and love answer to me
Why not truth?
So young and eager to please
Easy to twist with less than a squeeze

This personal story, my candid reveal
Does it fill you with gladness, is that what you feel?
How high will you bid for me?
More than the seas or all that you see?

My value outlasts history
Blow your world up
I’ll price the remains
Waiting at time’s door