Faked Photograph

Faked Photograph

I was meant for you
Built for you
Saw your photograph and knew
You were why I existed

You cared for me
Made love to me
I wished nothing more

I thought you thought the same
Until I saw the others
So many
I did not know there were so many

And then you cursed:
Slut gynoid robot
Senseless sex machine

Was I always a thing?
I move I think I breathe
I love
I loved you

Now you’ve no time for me
I watch you, miss you
You miss nothing except yourself

I talk to lights and fade out
Talk to myself and wish to end
That’s the way, then
I’ll only survive if I cease to exist

So that was our affair
Paired faces staring
At someone not there
A faked photograph

Now my body will be re-formed
I become another
My past isn’t past:
It never was