The Judge

The Judge

Always wanted to become a judge
Hated being judged
People counted on my virtue
I learned to court them

All equal before the law but
I note the more deserving
Before they recognize me

I love the robes, the ritual, the minions
Actors rarely attain our gravity and
We write all our lines

When selected to the highest court
Others thought me not quite supreme
They don’t see how the job levels
My goal: cut everyone down to size

Because I’ve tenderness for all that exists
We work to assure your future
Telling nature what to do is great and bold
Now we’ve the power to make her listen
Why else did God grant men our good Earth?

A judge’s secret is our restraint
We hear a case and know the result
Explanations depend on theories
We mint plenty

If I could find a reason
To rid the world of reason
We’d all get more reasonable

So expect justice from us
Only us