My Life as a Simulation

My Life as a Simulation

Is reality really better?
I feared simulation 
But the tumor promised to take me out
If there’s no choice, choose what’s left

So how’s life on the sim side?
Food never tasted this good
Covid killed my taste
Now I salivate ceaselessly

In my real life sex was finished
Now I’m ravishing and ravished
Who knew bondage aided bonding?
Coupling with ETs can explode your mind
And then they buy you a new one

Drawbacks – tax rises are terrifying
At this rate I’ll need a job or
Let my image resolution decline

And sim-life’s a bastard when electricity fails
Dread, panic, asphyxiation
Can’t you real folks do anything right?

But I do love life this way
No thought police, no health insurance
I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor
Simulated is so much better