Pop-Up Planets

Pop-Up Planets

Nothings lasts like temporary tastes
My Pop-Up Planets possess
Everything for someone and
Something for almost anyone else

My first planet green
Last millennium’s obligatory color
Green skies, green seas, green horses
All of whom like to dance

The red planet did nearly as well
Till people grew tired of color revolutions
Better full-spectrum gas giants
Packed with singing space bunnies
Though stand-up gorillas get the most laughs
Except when they beat their chests

My movie globe moved millions
Tragic romances in flashing 4-D
The Millenial Planet had its fling:
Endings get bigger come the end of days
Yet gambling orbitals dealt divine dividends
You could bet all your future lives

The debtors fought to work for me
Loved reverse-time moons

It’s hard keeping folks’ attention
So I pioneered one-minute planets
Yet long-lost civilizations do best
Folks like a taste of history
As long as it’s quickly over

Still my AI backers stay patient
They recognize entertainment 
Always political
A well amused population
Asks its rulers fewer questions