Always wanted to be a sociopath
Even before knew what it was
Breaking rules is what I like and
Boys just want to have fun

As a kid I read a lot
Seemed to me the best crooks
Never go to jail
Became heroes or really rich
I learned from Roy Cohn and the Madoff
Stalin, not so much

I figured construction should work
Everybody needs a place to live
Time-shares taught me how to sell
Providing what people want and
Can’t have
Making money means finance and fees
Some deals were steals
Profits every minute you breathe

Took my cash to start rehab
Did fall-down houses that’d still fall down
But only after I got paid

To get the land to build
You needed to meet the pols
My kind of folk – when you see what you want
Take it

Homeowners who sued met a ghost
Once the house’s built, corporation dissolves
One guy pulled a gun, I sent a goon
Still tell that story under the Christmas tree

Now I got it all
Pretty girls, guns, boats
I could buy a jet but where to go?
I’m set to run for Congress
Why pay a pol when you can play one?

What I’ve learned best: cheating is legal
I’d like to teach you how
I feel a need to give back to society
You’ve done so much for me