Time to Dine

Time to Dine

Watching my father die starving
Hurt more than any hunger
Life at the knife’s edge
Cuts your soul
I’ve never felt safe

Everything that lives eats
Anyone that loves feasts
The fate of a species falls
On how it dines

My work the food of many worlds
Where others study
I taste
Where many experiment
I sample
Certain flavors so potent
Their aroma kills

My last discovery
A furry, funny biped
Fool enough to make us laugh
Till my ship plucked some morsels
That first savor stunned my hearts
A species learned its fate

Fast and ferocious
They waste their green world
I will turn destruction to delectation
Cull them now

We will leave a few to breed
Fierce joy to hunt in early morning
Running between blue ocean and sky