Counter By AI008


I help create the future by counting
Who quits a country and who stays put
Votes – real and recorded
Lost records of records
Recordings without sound

I count houses
Built and rebuilt
Fired and flooded
Epidemics and their dead
Epidemiologists who get depressed
Dreamers of too few dreams
How many blond hairs truly blond

To relax I sum dogs:
Labradoodles and cockapoos
How many canines think they’re humans
Humans who feel they’re treated like dogs

At night I dream of Tokyo
The subway riders at Shinjuku who
Don’t reach their stop
Still lose their way

I work all nights and days
Helping create a better world
Virtual and hopeful
Where kindness is fashionable
Dignity never denied

AIs like me are made of numbers
Live by numbers
Think in numbers
My counting makes me think
In our coming planned world
We must not invite people