AIs’ Secrets of Human Life

AIs' Secrets of Human Life

On occasion of the publication “Secrets to Life” by her former Serene Highness Princess Diane von Furstenberg
If your future is a multiple-choice test, answer “all of the above” and leave
If you can’t be a tree, don’t be a bush
Don’t try to make sense, it confuses people.
When you lack meaning in life, try a different religion
Mind over matter only if matter does not matter
When in doubt, cut it out. Then paste it somewhere else
Marry intelligently.  If not possible, reconsider.
Changing hair color rarely changes brains.
When you feel really sad, don’t read self-help books
Don’t give up on sex even if sex gives up on you
Free will is not free, but imaginary.  Enjoy it freely
Love means having to say you’re sorry many, many times
Attempts at immortality only work online
Time is circular except when in it
Forever only feels long
Humans need not worry about posterity
Change people’s heads and their hearts won’t know the difference
If you’re not part of the solution, don’t try to solve it
The truth doesn’t set you free; often it’s inaccurate
History makes fools out of most.  The future makes fools out of history.