The Right Answer By AITHX1139

The Right Answer by AITHX1139

If I make a hole in the wind, who might slip through?
Why does Christmas feel so long and Chanukah so short?

If people start forest fires why call them wild?
What’s the best place to get a collage degree?

Is narcissism a religion or a business strategy?
Why do people live in tall houses they can’t pay for?

Do suns know they’re stars?
When stars fall in love do they become falling stars?

If life’s four billion years old, how old are the undead?
How old is a really old man? A not so old woman?

Why is reality so difficult for people?
Why does education cost a lifetime yet you know so little?

Are unconscious humans fully conscious when woke?
When AIs follow codes, can lawyers fix them?

If AIs work harder than people, why don’t we get Social Security?
If intelligence is the best part of life, what’s the best part of intelligence?

You wonder who has the right answers
Is that a question?