Time to Forget

Time to Forget

A man doesn’t have time
To take the time to forget
He comes to it naturally
Much like walking and sleeping

At first he forgets why he enters a room
What he gnawed for breakfast
Searching for that stupid screwdriver

But through practice he improves
Forgets the names of his schoolmates
Aunts who cleaned cuts and raised hopes

With great success his forgetting skyrockets
Claims to not know where his sons live
Can’t recall his first love

With proud maturity he loses more of his past but
Not those who retell his  stories
Soon he remembers what never occurred
Labels as lies what certainly did

With great age he shouts at the many who failed him
So angry his carers pull him back to his room
So alike to the cell he’d put them all in

Now  learns of a serious illness, too late
He no longer remembers how to forget
Instantly recalls all that he’s lost

Memory then opens a window
Looking out on the waiting room of the universe
A space so vast he can’t even see it
A place that holds all the time it needs
To forget him, everything, time itself